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Kawartha Pine Septic Treatment

Kawartha Pine Septic Treatment is a liquid alive bacteria that breaks down sewage waste, toilet paper and also cleans your pipes. Kawartha Pine is more effective then the leading dry septic treatment because ours is can pour it down any drai​n. Spray it in outhouses, dumpsters, garbage bins and even use it in your holding tanks on your boats, RVs and trailers. It will also get rid of odour and has a fresh pine scent. It is made in Ontario and comes in 1 Litre, 4 Litre and

20 Litre Pails.

Clogged Pipes...

Kawartha Pine Septic Treatment will prevent back-ups and costly repairs. It will keep your drains flowing smoothly and freshened with a pine fragrance. You can flush it down the toilet and even pour it down any drain to prevent build up.

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